Free shipping worldwide The cards are designed by myself. I drew illustrations that theme is flowers and animals. I wrapped lovely beautiful Italian heart shaped box with small bouquet.The Artificial flowers are made of high quality materials I selected. And I designed and arranged them that gives look and feel natural flowers. I hope you enjoy and feel luxury in everyday life. Material : Paper,(each 2 . 8 cards), Polyester (mini bouquet)Box Size : height 25cm                     Width 28cm                     Depth 4.5cmBouquet Color : pink, purple, white....etc...                                   You can choose Suitable for : giftBouquet Cleaning : Regular cleaning is recommended, wipe with scatter and dry cloth. 動物とお花を幻想的に描いた4つのシリーズをポストカードにして、ハート型のボックスでラッピング。ミニブーケ付き。ポストカードは各2枚、計8枚入りです。ミニブーケは、絵の中に出てくるお花の中から、お任せでお付けいたします。イタリア製の可愛らしいギフトボックスはそのままインテリアとしても活躍してくれそうです。

Postcard set


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